H3-Intensive – International praxis course

H3-Intensive - International praxis course

Donnerstag, 28.04., 10:00 Uhr
– Samstag, 30.04.2022, 17:30 Uhr



By popular demand, we now offer the specialist training in psychodynamic radiaesthesia also in English.

This new format of specialist training is divided into a three-day basic course and subsequent webinars. The entire specialised training will take approximately one year and will conclude with a supervised master’s thesis. Upon successful completion and defence of the thesis, we will award the title Master of Psychodynamic Radiaesthesia, certified by argo2012.

All course modules can be booked individually. Successful participation in the basic training and in at least 4 of planned 6 supplementary webinars are required for admission to write the master’s thesis.

We start here with the basic course, which focuses mainly on teaching all the techniques necessary for the practice of psychodynamic radiaesthesia. All the important techniques are to be taught there.
After successful completion, participation is certified in a basic certificate „Basic knowledge of psychodynamic radiaesthesia“.
You can find the programme and more information here.


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